Release Notes

PlayUp Tools v. 2.2.1

[UI]: Licensing restrictions removed.

PlayUp Tools v. 2.2.0

[Exporter]: PlayUp group and component id numbers are now properly resetting to zero on subsequent exports of the same file
[Exporter]: Fixed an issue where the rotation calculations were not being correctly calculated for some nested mirrored cases
[Exporter/Unity/Unreal]: Mirrored entities are no longer exporting as unique meshes for engines like Unity and UE4 that are capable of handling mirroring

Known Bugs:
[UE4]: A bug has been identified where UE4 is currently not properly keeping the world transform information for the entity when it attaches it to the parent entity in the world outliner. While this bug is in the Unreal Engine API, it does affect PlayUp users.

PlayUp Tools v. 2.1.0

[Exporter/TextureConverter]: Rebuilt the Texture Converter with the latest version of ImageMagick and removed a DLL dependency
[Exporter]: Fixed a bug where an iterated material was not being processed properly

PlayUp Tools v. 2.0.0

[Exporter]: Added Lumberyard support
[Exporter]: Added Unreal 4 support
[Exporter]: Added FBX support
[Exporter]: Added ability to export SketchUp layers separately
[Exporter]: Added ability to export levels without re-exporting the meshes
[Exporter]: Nested level mesh nodes for Unity (Requires PlayUp Tools Importer for Unity ver. 2.1)
[Exporter]: Nested level mesh nodes for Unreal (Requires PlayUp Tools Importer for Unreal ver. 2.0)
[Exporter]: Physics flags implemented for Unity (Requires PlayUp Tools Importer for Unity ver. 2.1)
[Exporter]: Physics flags implemented for Unreal (Requires PlayUp Tools Importer for Unreal ver. 2.0)
[Logs]: Now exports to recentexport.log text file
[Logs]: Added logging for mesh type and FBX conversion process
[Pipeline]: New code architecture to facilitate development and consolidate common functionality
[Textures]: Removed ImageMagick installation dependency and replaced it with a lightweight standalone converter
[Tools]: Added projection tool
[UI]: Replaced Silverlight with HTML dialogs
[UI]: Updated descriptions and instructions for Physics and LoD settings in the Geometry Properties tool
[UI]: Added vertex tool and additional exporter options to right-click context menu for ease of access
[UI]: Added ability to bulk update physics properties for all selected entities

[Architecture]: No longer extending SketchUp Ruby functions such as Tranformations
[Exporter]: Removed Valve Source and CryENGINE 2 export options
[UI]: Moved material overwrite check to be a preference in the CryENGINE and Lumberyard tabs of the PlayUp Preferences

[Exporter]: Improved mirror checking functionality reduces number of entities exported by fixing some of the false positives
[Exporter]: Fixed a bug where some textures were not being exported during individual material file exports
[Exporter]: Collision flags are now being properly exported for component instances
[Exporter]: Now exports materials by material name instead of texture name, allowing for multiple separate materials to reference the same texture
[Logs]: Fixed bug where log option wasn’t being re-read between exports
[Tools]: Fixed a Ruby-related formatting bug in the vertices count tool
[UI]: Geometry Properties no longer crashes with frequent use
[UI]: Undo stack now properly managed with dialogs

Known Bugs:
[Exporter]: Spherical and cylindrical projections cause UV issues in the export process
[Exporter]: In some circumstances, spherical and cylindrical projections can cause the textures for the scene not to be exported
[Exporter/Unity]: Setting up multiple materials in SketchUp that reference the same texture will still export to a single material in Unity for that texture
[Exporter/Unity/Unreal]: When Global Merge Option is set to individual meshes, a physics flag for a group of individual objects does not propegate down to the individual meshes.