In a Nutshell

When it's easy to make content, there's more time to be creative ...

PlayUp Tools is a plugin for SketchUp
that allows people to create and export
content to a 3D game engine.

It simplifies the process of exporting and importing content by allowing SketchUp users an easy and optimized pipeline for porting and placing a level full of components and groups into a game engine.

The Benefits

PlayUp Tools 2.0

A productivity tool designed for designers ...

Export An Entire Level

Make a complete environment in SketchUp and bring it into your favorite game engine with ease. PlayUp Tools will export level information such as the position, rotation, and scale of all the groups and components in your scene so that you don't have to go through the tedious effort of placing all of the objects into your world.

Optimization Tools for Games

Some game engines have strict requirements about the format of meshes, materials, and textures that they will accept. PlayUp Tools bridges the gap between what SketchUp provides and what game engines need, as well as offers tools to help better manage these assets.

Engine Specific Properties

Save precious development time by setting up the collision, level of detail, and physical properties of the groups and components with PlayUp's Geometry Properties.

Iteration Friendly Workflow

Need to make a doorway a little wider? Modify it, export it, hop into your engine of choice, and try it out. This tool was designed to make it easy to iterate and test out ideas to see what works.

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